Gif-Animating Traditional Paintings from the TATE Collection

Tate Producer: Jen Ohlson

Artist/Animator and Lead Facilitator: Luca M Damiani


See here some of the outputs created for the GIF Party!



And below are some of Luca Damiani's outputs, in relation to his practice and research:

James Abbott McNeill Whilster - Harmony in Gray and Green


William Stott of Oldham - Girl in a Meadow


Joanna Mary Wells - Portrait of Sidney Wells


Jon Singer Sargent - Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose


Birton Riviere - Sympathy


Sir Jousha Reynold - The Infant Samuel


Henry Robert Morland - A Girl Singing Ballads by a Paper Lanthorn


William Mulready - The Rattle


Francis Danby - Children by a Brook


William Mulready - Fair Time


George Romney - Mrs Johnstone and her Son


Philip Mercier - A Girl Sewing


Charles Gill - The Lethbridge Children


"Following the over-all concept of this TATE project, I have reviewed traditional paintings of Childhood within my practice.

It was fascinating to engage with such historical art-work and reflect on concepts of interpretation, digital learning, humour and motion perception.

And it was even more fascinating when working with children and young people in order to produce new interpretation of historical Art!!! Look at the GIF Party above!"

Animation by Luca M Damiani