Luca Damiani - CV


 Luca Margherita Damiani

 D.O.B.: 10/12/1981


Jan 2007 - Currently



Luca Damiani Art

Multimedia Artist and Photographer

Practicing and working within the Arts, Design, Film, Animation and Visual Culture. Fellow of Higher Education.

London College of Communication - University Arts London

Lecturer in Graphic and Media Design

Lecturing in Art&Technology, Design Photography, Social Design and Digital Media. Tutoring students on their BA Final Projects, from concept to delivery of final multimedia pieces.

Nov 2013 - April 2018

Tate (London, UK)

Artist - practicing within the international Art Exchange programme of Tate. Covering digital participatory artwork within the UK, US, Europe, Russia.

Digital Art Facilitator - covering digital activities in collaboration with various teams such as Tate Kids, Tate Collectives & Young People Programme, Tate Digital Learning, Partnerships

Multimedia Content Designer - working with Tate Kids

April 2015 - currently: Digital Studio Producer - designing and managing the programme of multi-methodological events, lectures, workshops, talks and screenings of the Digital Learning Studio. These include illustration, animation, photography, video, audio, coding, and more. Leading on external projects and collaboration with BBC, Mozilla, Visual Effects Association and University Arts London.

Nov 2013-April 2015: Digital Studio Coordinator - coordinating the Studio-space and managing the Digital Learning Studio programme. Also working on technical, creative and research development for the Studio, including outreach work, sharing of practice, and lab oriented exploration of art and technology.

Nov2011 - July 2012

Amnesty International Burkina Faso (Burkina Faso, Africa)
Field of work:

Photographer and Photo-Editor (also developing postgraduate research studies)


Walt Disney
Field of work:

Developing visual ethnographic work (part of academic research studies) in various sites, including Los Angeles (US).

Sept2010 -May2011

Amnesty International (London, UK) - International Secretariat
Field of work:

Digital Artist and Photographer - Human Rights Education Department

Developing ethnographic work for academic research studies, while working in the Film Industry.

Aug 2007 - Dec 2010

Framestore in London, England (UK)

(while undertaking Postgraduate studies in Fine Art and Visual Culture)

-Academic Research Studies as Writer and Director of "What If I Was..." - Animated Short Movie in Visual Culture (Jan2010-Dec 2010)

-Render Coordinator on the VFx-movie "Prince of Persia" (Oct2009-Dec2009)

-Render Coordinator on the VFx-movie "Avatar" (July2009-Oct2009)

-Render Coordinator on the VFx movie "Where the wild things are" (Dec2008-June2009)

-Compositing Artist on the animated movie "Tale of Despereaux" (Oct2008-Dec2008)

-Render TD on the animated movie "Tale of Despereaux" (Feb2008-Nov2008)

-Render Coordinator on the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian"(Nov2007-Feb2008)

-Render Coordinator on "His Dark Materials:The Golden Compass" (Aug2007-Nov2007)

March 2009-June2009

Central Saint Martins, College of Art and Design - University of the Arts, London (UK)
Freelancer, WebDesigner and WebManager working on the webgallery for the final show exhibition 2009 of the PostGraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Art and Design - Photography.

June-Aug 2007

Art3D Animation Studio (Oldenburg, Germany)
Lighting and Render TD in the trailer of the longfeature film "Dronin" -Maya used- (Lighting - Shading - Grass Setup - Renders Management - working at distance).

Jan-Aug 2007

Cityscape Digital LTD in London, England (UK)
Lighting/Compositing Artist and Render TD in animation-visualization projects. -Maya used- (Lighting - Shading - Compositing using Shake - Renders Management).

March 2006-Jan 2007

Glasgow Animation Studio in Glasgow, Scotland (UK)
Lighting JuniorTD  in the longfeature film "Billi the Vet" -Maya used- (Lighting - Compositing using Fusion- Tools development and Scripting using Mel).

Sep-Dec 2005

Maga Animation Studio in Monza (Milan), Italy
Lighting and Render TD Assistant  in a TV series ("I Cosi") directed by Bruno Bozzetto, using Maya. (Lighting - Tools Development using Mel)

Sep-Dec 2004


Research Assistant on a European Research Academic Programme. Research and analysis of Information Points in a Virtual Musuem. Developing a graphic library using C++, OpenGL and Qt for Visual Learning. Creating virtual info with text, audio and video on 3d Head Mounted Displays. Writing and designing manuals for the Graphic user Interface. Final project and thesis for the BSc.


E-Money Srl (Cagliari, Italy)

Pre-production Researcher and Technical (Planning documents) Writer


Consulting and Planning in Modelli e Servizi Srl (Milan, Italy)

Data and statistical work, Assistant Researcher.


Sportmatica Srl (Cagliari, Italy)

Internship. Analysis and prototype of an application with RFID technologies to facilitate the control, the management and the optimisation of sport activities. Data processing systems and editorial services for the sport business.

Professional Collaborations...additional experience in relation to artistic practice, human rights activism and academic research.

April2016 - Dec 2019

Mozilla , collaborating in London (UK)

Co-Curator of MozEx (Exhibition for MozFest2016) covering Web, Art, Design, Technology.

Sept2014 - Dec 2015

Amnesty International Burkina Faso , collaborating from London (UK)

Photo Editor on the development of photographic documentaries and visual design material.

Sept2009 - Sept 2012

Amnesty International Italy (Milan, Italy), collaborating from London (UK)

From Sept 2009 I have collaborated as an Art Jury Member on the development of "Walk on Rights", a human rights education and campaign project that connects Art and Human Rights as a tool for action. The project is developed every year relating to different campaigns, and involves an art competition with various schools and colleges engagement. My focus, together with a team of other jury-members, is to judge and comment on Digital Photography, Illustration and Video creations.

January 2008- Oct. 2010

Kids Company in London, England (UK)

- Visual Artist and Researcher. Research and Development of Feedback Module for Art Workshop with children. Collaborating with the Art Education Department at Kids Company, Beauvoir Primary School and Goldsmiths College. (Oct2009-Dec2009)

- Story writer, Artist and Photographer. Working on a social action project "What If I Was...", collaborating with MBG Funhouse. (June2008-June2009)

- Artist-Mosaicist at the Kenbury Art Centre, South London (March2008-Oct2008)

BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS - for more information, please visit the book section


...To be Updated! Please see Book section of Website!


"Unwrapping Photography"


"Une Saveur Inegalee - Photo-documentary on the Violation of Children's Rights in Burkina Faso"


"A Visual Ethnography of the Africa Human Rights Education Project - Burkina Faso"


"Everyone is an Author - Art, Design, Imagination and Participation"


"What if I was... - Art, Design and Social Action"


"Dance With Me - Art, Design and Social Belief"


"Kirimatuli - Art, Design and Subconscious"


"Can You Design Yourself? - Art, Design and Psychology"


"The Great Kiss - Art, Design and Emotions"


Sept 2017-June 2018 (Professional Dev)

PostGraduate Certificate:University of the Arts London (London, UK)
Field of study: Art, Design and Communication (UAL Professional Development in my role as a Lecturer)

Sept 2008-July 2009

PostGraduate (Professional Dev):University of the Arts - Central Saint Martins, College of Art and Design (London, UK)
Field of study: Fine Art Photography
Developing research work in relation to Psychology.

Jan- Dec 2005

Master(MA):Università degli studi di Torino (Turin, Italy)
Field of study: Methods and techniques in the Digital Show – Digital Entertainment

Majors: Digital Art - CG Animation

Oct 2001 - Dec 2004

University (BSc):Università degli studi di Cagliari (Cagliari, Italy)
Majors: Computer Science - final project in Computer Graphics
Thesis: Virtual Reality, Computer Graphics - Interpretation of Art using Computer Graphics - developed at the Virtual Reality Centre in Barcelona.

Last year of the University (2003 - 2004), studied at the Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy (October to January), and (February to July) under the Erasmus Exchange Program at the Université Louis Pasteur Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France) . (Sept-Dec 2004) Research Assistant on a European Research, also writing the BSc thesis at the Universidad Politecnica de Barcelona (Spain).



Author Academy:Exisle Academy (New Zealand)
Focus of study: Author devleopment, with focus on "Memoir Writing"
Practice-based mentorship, focusing on writing a book-memoir based on my sensory disability. This academy is part of my rehabilitation programme within health and mental health.


Garden Design Certificate:British Academy of Garden Design (London, UK)
Field of study: Garden Design and Landscape Art
Practice-based course. This course is part of my rehabilitation programme too; in 2018 I had an accident that left me with a severe acoustic and sensorial disability which highly affected my profession and life. These studies are allowing me to experiment with my art-design skills and academic research into applied garden and landscape design for health and mental health.


Deaf Awareness Training:BSL Courses (UK)
Online course part of my neuro-otological rehabilitation programme.


ITALIAN: Native speaker.


FRENCH and SPANISH: Good in written and spoken language.


- Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS

- 3D Graphic Packages: Maya

- Editing Software: Avid, Adobe Premiere

- Video and Compositing: After Effects, Shake, Combustion, Digital Fusion

- 2D Graphic Package: Adobe Package

- Photography: Digital and Film

- Coding / visual development related, web or programme based

- Open Source software


- Visual Ethnography

- Qualitative Methods


Cross-Media Arts

Arts, Design and Neurodiversity

Art and Neuroscience

Arts, Culture and Technology

Visual Culture

Visual Ethnography

Arts and Human Rights


“In the Spectrum within Art&Design Practice” – UAL Spark Journal (Jan 2018)

“Space, Production and Tech” – Journal of Peer Production (Jan 2018)

“Art, Design and Neurodiversity” – Digital Design Weekend, Victoria & Albert Museum (London, Sept 2017)

“Art, Design and Neurodiversity” – British Computer Society and Computer Arts Society (London, July 2017)

“MozEx: Web? Art? Design? Tech?” – British Computer Society and Computer Arts Society (London, July 2017)

“My Aspie Hacks the Brain” – Hack the Brain, Science Gallery Dublin (Dublin, June 2017)

"Art, Design and Neurodiversity within Media Design Practice" - UAL, London College of Communication (London, May 2017)

"Art and Media Design within Tate Digital Learning practice" - UAL, London College of Communication (London, May 2017)

“Re-coding Cities” – Tate Exchange: Activating Art through Science and Technology. Workshop (London, Nov 2016)

“Re-coding Cities” – UK National touring Exhibition: The Photographic Angle, Creativity Exhibition (July 2016 - May 2017: Leeds, London, Birmingham, Bracknell, Exeter, Maidenhead, Newcastle, Reading, Swindon, Uxbridge, Weybridge)

“Re-coding Cities” – Electronic Visualisation and the Arts: Conference and Exhibition (London, July 2016)

“Re-coding Cities” – British Computer Society and Computer Arts Society (London, July 2016)

“Re-coding Cities” – V&A Digital Futures (London, July 2016)

“Arts, Web and Digital” – Pre-Development for MozFest 2016 (Berlin, May 2016)

“Art, Design and Neuro-Diversity” – BBC Neuro-Diversity Conference (London, April 2016)

"Re-coding Cities" - London Alternative Photography Collective and Royal College of Arts (London, Jan 2016)

"Tate Digital Learning - Web Curation, Art&Tech, Participation" - Mozilla Festival (London, Nov 2015)

"Re-coding Cities" - six months exhibition and talk at NESTA (London, from Sept 2015 to March 2016)

"Culture Remix Data - Digital Making" - UAL Futures (London, April 2015)

"Formal and Informal Learning in Digital Making" - NESTA (London, April 2015)

"Art and Technology within Digital Making" showcase - Museum and Web (Chicago, April 2015)

"Tate Digital Art Learning - relationship Art, Participation and Technology" - Mozilla Festival (London, October 2014)

"Digital Art and Tate Digital Learning" - Garage Gallery (Moscow, October 2014)

"Digital Art and Tate Digital Learning Studio practices" - Quad Gallery (Derby, September 2014)

"Giraffes of London - Urban Art and Ethnography" - Enclave Gallery (London, May 2014)

"Motion Perception and Brain Awareness" - Kings College London (March 2014)

"Motion Perception in Animating Traditional Paintings"- Tate (London, Feb 2014)

"Motion Perception in VFX-Animation" - Science Museum (London, Jan 2014)

"Animation and Human Rights"- Amnesty International (London, Jan 2014)

"Visual Constructing Children Rights" - Amnesty International (London, Aug-Sept 2013)

"Visual Constructing Childhood" - International Visual Sociology Conference (London, July 2013)

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