Luca Damiani Illustration


 Mix-it up...


 What's Your Voice? - type-design development. This work is also used as a reference for "Your Voice - Poster Art" workshops run within Tate and US Colleges.


 Composition of illustrations - part of illustrated book research and development phase.


 TATE Art Exchange - Identikit / character design work and post-development of learning participatory activity/


 Digital Freedom Wall Festival - Bin It! is an illustrated sketch used as an input and visual reserch for the development of a street-art mural./


 TATE Kids - ReImagining Landscapes / illustration and participatory activity based on reshaping paintings from the Tate Collection


 Some images within research development.


 Some images from Luca's book "Everyone is an Author - Art, Design, Imagination and Participation"


 Some images from Luca's book "What If I Was... - Art, Design and Social Action"


 Some images from Luca's book "Dance With Me - Art, Design and Social Beliefs"


 Some images from Luca's book "Kirimatuli - Art, Design and Subconscious"
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